We think of cold temperatures and being bundled up in sweaters and coats when we think of winter. It’s often a time to stay indoors and enjoy a hot drink or watch a movie. The complete opposite is the beautiful summer months filled with outdoor activities and plenty of sun. The summer is also the season for bathing suits and sleeveless shirts. If you have any of the many laser skin treatments available planned for the future, there is a clear winner for the best time of year to do it with some planning. 

Plan Ahead

The winter is the best time to have the laser procedure done. A winter planned procedure gives plenty of time for healing before the summer comes around when more skin, including the lasered area, is exposed. It adds an extra layer of protection, knowing there won’t be any possible beach days. More clothing will naturally be worn and serve as subconscious coverage.


The sun plays a significant role in the effectiveness of a laser procedure, including hair removal. Tanning or sunburns are not recommended as they will affect the color of the skin and may complicate the process. Once the treatment takes place, the area lasered will be more sensitive. It is essential to keep this area out of the sun and prevent it from getting sunburned. It will be natural to keep much more of the body covered up anyway during the cold of winter. 


Healing will take time after laser treatments. As the skin heals, it will look more youthful than ever and even more vibrant when the summer comes back around. Skin resurfacing treatments, in particular, will require time to heal naturally. Healing may require taking it easy and not participating in as many gatherings and events for the time being. Although this may be difficult, it is necessary for health in the long run. 

Cold Weather Conditions

Some skin conditions are made worse by the cold. The cold makes the air especially dry and can trigger eczema. Luckily there is a laser treatment that can help manage those conditions. With laser resurfacing during winter, these skin issues can be addressed for firmer and better-moisturized skin throughout the year. While this procedure can be done anytime if performed during winter, the healing will align perfectly for healthier-looking skin when it comes time for summer.


Some of the laser treatments will take a bit longer to heal. Hair removal, for example, takes multiple sessions to altogether remove all the hair during the optimal phase of growth. Starting the process in the winter will ensure that it is completed and healed by the time the busy and outdoor-oriented summer comes around. 

Schedule a Skin Care Consultation in Andover

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