Hair removal might seem like a trivial subject, but the truth is that it is very important. After all, an average woman spends up to $12,000 and up to two months of her life removing unwanted hair from her body. These hair removal processes are often painful and time-consuming, making it no surprise that Laser Hair Removal has gained traction in recent years.

How Does Laser Hair Removal Work?

Laser Hair Removal uses a concentrated light or Laser, which is then absorbed by melanin in the hair. This absorbed light energy is converted to heat, damaging the hair follicles and inhibiting future hair growth. While it quickly removes unwanted hair in the armpits, chin, upper lip, and bikini line, it doesn’t permanently do so. It might cause minor complications, such as skin irritation and pigment changes. This is so incredibly true for regular laser hair removals. Still, Candela hair removal trumps them by using an innovative treatment that uses two lasers or dual wavelength technology to provide a range of safe and effective treatments. Candela hair removal treatment is secure and valuable for skin concerns such as wrinkles, sun spots, pigmented lesions and sun damage. Here are some results and benefits of using the Candela Laser hair removal.

How To Prepare For A Laser Hair Removal

To take part in any laser hair removal procedure, you must first ensure the necessary preparations are made to have a pleasant experience. First, preparations are needed to choose a laser hair removal specialist certified in dermatology and cosmetic surgery with expertise in laser hair removal on your skin type. Different skin types react to laser hair removal in various ways; some absorb more light than others, making the damage to the hair follicles more pronounced. However, thanks to modern technology like the Candela hair removal, it’s no longer a problem. Before the procedure, make sure to;

  • Review your medical history, including past hair removal procedures and medication use.
  • Stay out of the sun; even if you do, remember to apply sunscreen.
  • Determine the procedure’s risks, benefits, and expectations and prepare accordingly.
  • Avoid other hair removal procedures, such as plucking and waxing, because their effects can contradict those of laser hair removal.
  • Shave the treatment area at least a day before the procedure, as this helps remove hair that could be burnt and cause surface skin damage.
  • Make sure to take before-and-after photos to determine what parts were missed or what did not meet your expectations.

Benefits of Candela Hair Removal.

1. It Is Non-Invasive

The Candela laser hair removal process is harmless and not invasive at all. It doesn’t require an excessive amount of concentration, dedication, or pain to utilize.

2. Reduces In-grown Hair

This hair removal process uses two concentrated beams of light to burn the hair follicle, burning the air shaft and reducing the possibility of ingrown hair popping out. This is like plucking or shaving, which tends to be inefficient and not a thorough job.

3. Can Result in Permanent Hair Reduction

Continuous laser hair removal can lead to permanent hair reduction, especially requiring ladies to spend less time and money on hair removal.

4. Systems In Place To Reduce Discomfort

This procedure or device was built with a cooling system to reduce any discomfort caused by the hair removal.

5. Safe And Effective For All Skin and Hair Types

In the early days of laser hair removal, there was a greater risk of damage to individuals sharing the same hair and skin color. However, advanced laser hair removal like Candela has been able to use laser treatment options suitable for darker skin individuals and hair colors that don’t absorb light.

6. Minimises Wrinkles and Lines

Candela laser hair removal is gentle; it can also work on the skin. They can be used as a skincare routine to minimize the amount of wrinkles or lines on the face.

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