spray tan

Tanning year round is easy with the help from VAIN Medi Spa!

Whether you are looking for a subtle sun-kissed glow, or a dark tan, we have you covered! We’ll make sure your spray tan looks natural and gorgeous. 

All services and packages are non-refundable
It is recommended that you cleanse and use SPF 30+ daily for all services.

Sunless VAIN Glow

Duration: 5-20 Minutes Spray tans are a safe and effective way to achieve a glow without sacrificing your healthy skin. Aviva Labs is the world's only oil-free, alcohol-free, and fragrance-free sunless solution. Aviva Labs solution is organic, hypo-allergenic, and mild enough for even the most sensitive skin. It is composed of 13 ingredients, and contains the highest quality, premium grade DHA. DHA is the ingredient in spray tan solution that naturally turns you brown. If you have an event or big weekend coming up or simply just want to glow, then book yours today! Spray tan sets in 12 hours and develops over 24 hours.
Full body: 20 min $50.00
Partial body: 15 min $25.00
Face: 5 min $15.00



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