chemical peel

Both dermaplaning and chemical peels are non-surgical cosmetic treatments that are used to rejuvenate the look and feel of your skin.

Dermaplaning exfoliates your skin while chemical peels treat a wide range of skin concerns. These two treatments can be done separately or simultaneously to achieve the best outcome for your skin.

All services and packages are non-refundable
It is recommended that you cleanse and use SPF 30+ daily for all services.

Dermaplaning at VAIN Medi Spa

30 min Dermaplaning is a painless, manual exfoliation technique that removes the dead, dry layers of skin- including vellus hair. By removing unnecessary layers that trap dirt and debris, dermaplaning will allow for skincare products to penetrate the skin and do their job effectively. This procedure requires 0 downtime and pairs perfectly with a peel or facial, leaving your skin noticeably smoother. $85 per session or $50 as an add on

Dermaplaning Procedure Instructions




TCA Chemical Peel

50 min Trichloroacetic (TCA) peels are a type of chemical peel used to treat a wide range of skin concerns including signs of aging, sun damage, hyperpigmentation and scarring. It is safe for all skin types and often used on the face, neck, chest and hands. TCA breaks up keratin, a protein found in the skin. This causes the keratin to stop functioning properly, lighten in color and peel away from the skin over the course of several days. As the layers of damaged skin are removed, healthier, smoother skin is revealed beneath.
Buy 1 TCA peel get 1 complimentary VAIN glow facial - recommended 3 weeks after TCA appointment
Package of 3 series includes 2 complimentary VAIN glow facials - recommended 3 weeks after TCA appointment $350 a single session or $895 for package of 3

Recommended SkinCeuticals Products

In order to strengthen the skin’s barrier and reap the full benefits of your skin treatment it’s important to use the right products. Here are our recommended SkinCeuticals products to compliment this service: Phloretin CF, Advanced Pigment Corrector or Discoloration Defense

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