Botox, Filler, Laser Hair Removal, & Collagen Induction Therapy Near Windham, NH

Do you live in Windham, NH, and are looking for a high-quality med spa? Vain Medi Spa is your new go-to! Vain Medi Spa is proud to offer our variety of services to the 15,000 residents of Winham, NH. Windham is home to many historical landmarks in Rockingham County, such as the Searles School and Chapel, Searles Castle, the town center, and the Armstrong Memorial Building. Our highly qualified practitioners safely and efficiently administer Botox, fillers, IPL treatments, liquid facelifts, cellulite treatments, and so much more! We are also proud to offer many skin treatments such as Collagen induction therapy, dermaplaning, chemical peels, and spray tans. Our expert team of professionals is dedicated to helping our patients achieve their skin and body goals. To learn more about our top-of-the-line services, keep reading and set up a consultation with us today! 

Best Botox Injections In Windham, NH

Looking to tighten your skin, remove wrinkles, or plump up your lips & face? Botox & other injectable treatments are our specialties here at Vain Medi Spa! Botox is a non-surgical treatment that will smooth out your skin by removing and preventing fine lines and wrinkles! 

If you have any questions about botox or what will work best for your skin, consider booking a consultation with us today. We would be thrilled to sit down with you to evaluate your skin and let you know what we think would work best for you!

Customized Facials In Windham, NH

With our long list of facials, you’ll be sure to find the perfect fit that will exfoliate and give you the ultimate skin goal you are looking for! We are confident that after one of our facials, your skin will be glowing and as youthful as ever. Let our customizable treatments relax and soothe your skin while helping to reduce visible signs of aging! Check out our list of facial offerings and book an appointment today!

Lip Injections With Dermal Fillers In Windham, NH

Did you know that dermal fillers can be used on your chin, cheeks, lips, and around your nose and mouth? Fillers will give these areas a fuller appearance, which is also a more youthful appearance! Lip injections will give you fullness to your face in a natural way that will make you leave our spa looking gorgeous!

Laser Hair Removal For Any Body Part In Windham, NH

Laser hair removal over time will save you time, money, and the hassle of shaving! While it might cost more upfront, it will save you hundreds in the long run from having to buy shaving cream and razors for the rest of your life. You’ll also be able to ditch the pain and cost of getting regular waxes! We offer laser hair removal for all body parts, including legs, back, stomach, armpits, bikini line, etc. Schedule an appointment today for a consultation on our laser hair removal services!

Contact the Professional Medical Spa in Windham, NH

The services listed above are only a few that we offer, and we encourage you to take a look at our complete list of services and book an appointment today! Please fill out our contact form or call us directly at 978-409-2230. We look forward to working with you soon!