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If you live in Pelham, NH, and are looking for a closeby medical spa, Vain Medi Spa is here for you! We have an extensive list of treatments to help you reach all your beauty and aesthetic goals. From Botox & Filler to laser hair removal and body contouring, we have it all! Our clients are always amazed at their results and they always come back for more. Check out all of our 5-star reviews from clients! 

A handful of our most popular treatments are Botox, Microneedling, Dermal Fillers, facials peels, IPL treatments, & much more. Read through this page and the rest of our website to learn all about our services and how they can help your skin, body, and beauty goals, then, book a consultation with us!

Best Botox Injector Near Pelham, NH

Our nurse practitioners are some of the best of the best in the state. We have performed countless Botox injections and have nailed it every single time. Botox is an extremely popular treatment as it not only gets rid of fine lines and wrinkles, but it can prevent them from even forming when you start at a younger age. Botox can be safe for men and women 18 years of age and older. While Botox works wonders for fine lines and wrinkles, it can also assist with TMJ symptoms, hyperhidrosis, and more! 

Ease Sun Spots & Sun Damage Near Pelham, NH

If you love laying out in the sun during the warmer months, you likely have some sun spots and sun damage on your skin, or it’s likely that they will begin to form. If this is the case, we have a handful of treatments at our medical spa to help reduce the appearance of these sun spots. Some of these treatments include IPL treatments (intense pulsed lighting) & chemical peel facials. Along with treating sun damage, IPL treatments also help to prevent wrinkles, dark spots on your skin, and skin hyperpigmentation. Chemical peels are also fantastic for hyperpigmentation, skin scarring, and signs of aging. If you’re not sure which treatment is best for your sun spots, set up a consultation with us and we’ll help identify the perfect treatment for you. 

Lip Injections With Dermal Fillers Near Pelham, NH

Been thinking about lip injections or wanting to add some fullness to your face? If so, our Dermal Filler treatments are what you’re looking for. Dermal fillers can be used on your chin, cheeks, lips, and around your nose and mouth. Fillers will give these areas a fuller appearance which in turn is also a more youthful appearance! At Vain Medi Spa, we also always make sure our Dermal fillers come out natural and gorgeous. 

Laser Hair Removal For Any Body Part Near Pelham, NH

Laser hair removal has gotten extremely popular over the years and it’s one of our specialties at our medical spa! We offer laser hair removal for every single body part. Say goodbye to constant shaving and waxing and hello to smooth skin all day every day. It will take a few sessions but after you’re done your hair follicles will completely disappear. Take a look at our prices for each body part and set up a consultation today!

Professional Medical Spa Near Pelham, NH

Our medical spa is only a short drive from Pelham, NH! As mentioned, we are a leading medical spa and would love to help you achieve all your skin and beauty goals. The services listed above are only a few that we offer. Take a look at our full list of services and book an appointment today! Feel free to also book a consultation if you’re looking for a little more direction on the perfect treatment for you. Fill out a contact form today or give us a call at 978-409-2230.