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VAIN Medi Spa is pleased to provide medical spa services and treatment to the residents of Boxford, MA. While our spa is located in Andover, MA, we see our clients travel near and far to receive treatments from our professional staff. Among the services that our highly qualified practitioners offer are neurotoxin, dermal fillers, IPL treatments, liquid facelifts, cellulite treatment, and a variety of other services. At VAIN Medi Spa, we are dedicated to helping our Boxford patients achieve all of their skin and body goals. With a short commute from Boxford to Andover, you can start achieving your goals sooner than later too! Keep reading for a deeper look into our services, and set up a consultation with us today! 

Neurotoxin & Dermal Fillers

At VAIN Medi Spa, you can pamper yourself, relax, and have fun while treating frown lines, smile lines, thin lips, facial volume loss, and more. Our expert injectors utilize neuromodulator injections to treat your problem areas and achieve the look you have always desired. With a brief consultation, our injectors will have the perfect plan for you.

Other injectable treatments offered at VAIN include Dermal Fillers and Liquid Face-Lifts. Dermal Fillers are a safe and effective way to restore volume, lift, contour, soften, and plump certain face areas that change due to aging. A liquid facelift is a non-surgical treatment that will lift and contour your face to achieve your desired younger and more youthful appearance!

Facials & Skin Treatments 

If you’re experiencing any skin issues, check out our list of facials and select one that can help your skin concerns. Through all of our skin treatments, we aim to help you build confidence and fall in love with your skin again. Our treatments have amazing benefits, such as customized formulas to address your concerns and high-quality medical-grade skincare products to produce your desired results. View our complete list and book your professional skin treatment at VAIN today!

Laser Hair Removal

Are you ready to say farewell to shaving forever? With laser hair removal, you can! VAIN Medi Spa offers laser hair removal for all body parts, including legs, back, stomach, armpits, bikini line, etc. Throughout your hair removal sessions, you can count on saying goodbye to waxing and shaving together, as laser hair removal works by removing your hair follicles to eliminate regrowth. In the long run, laser hair removal can save you time and money. Book your appointment today to get started on achieving your smooth appearance!


Medical Spa near Boxford, MA

If you’re interested in scheduling an appointment or learning more about our services, contact us today by calling us at 978-409-2230 or by filling out a contact form at the bottom of this page. We look forward to welcoming new and returning patients from Boxford, MA! If you have any remaining questions, please feel free to reach out. Our goal is to always keep our clients relaxed, comfortable, and thrilled with their results. You’ll be in good hands with us!