Here at VAIN Medi Spa, we aren’t in the Botox business, but the people business. At VAIN, we cultivate a culture that cares. We work hard to ensure that our patients feel they are in a safe environment to be heard, seen, and understood.
In a business that can be inauthentic, it is important to us that we maintain authenticity, stay true to our values and uphold our principles. We ensure our business practices support these goals based on these principles.
Everyone deserves self-love. We strongly encourage our patients to make themselves a priority and adopt the mindset that self-care isn’t selfish.
We continue to emphasize the importance of caring about what is meaningful to them: caring about how you present yourself, which leads to how you feel about yourself. It’s simple: if you look good, you feel good. It’s about self-care and prioritizing yourself, it’s about taking the time to put yourself first and show yourself the love it deserves. We are committed to treating our staff and patients with honor, dignity, and respect. Every patient is listened to and heard.


We are a relational company, not transactional

We value our patients and their self-care journeys. Every patient has a ‘why’ as to what led them to seek self-care. We listen to our patients and seek the best care possible for them, keeping their safety a number one priority.

We are committed to our vision

We believe in our mission and our purpose by connecting our everyday activities to our business strategy. Our culture embodies positivity, support of each other and encouraging others to be the best version of themself possible.

We practice Ubuntu

Ubuntu is defined as ‘the essence of being human.’ It is through teamwork and collaboration that we do our best work. One cannot be all that they can be unless their teammate is all they can be.

We pursue what’s next

The greatest threat to future success is current success. We thrive off re-inventing and renovating new ways to improve how we interact with each other, patients, and services we offer.


Ciara Dimou, founder and owner of VAIN Medi Spa is a board-certified Nurse Practitioner and highly trained injector.

Her compassion for all things beautiful has led her to pursue a career in facial aesthetics. Ciara graduated from Massachusetts General Hospital Institute of Health Professions in 2014 with a dual degree in Adult-Gerontology and Women’s Health. Her background includes nearly ten years in the outpatient primary care setting, with specialty in aesthetics for five years. Her overall goals are to help her patients look naturally rested and refreshed. Ciara will assess each patient differently. She considers his/her age, muscle tone, volume loss and skin texture. Ciara is conservative and honest with the patient’s safety and concerns always coming first.
At VAIN Medi Spa we are focused on the patient’s overall aesthetic journey. VAIN focuses on feeling and looking healthy, rejuvenated and being the best version of yourself. Whether you are an older adult just starting on your journey or a younger patient focusing on preventative measures, VAIN helps you achieve your goals through individually based treatment plans.
As Ciara often mentions, ‘it’s a marathon, not a sprint.’ Small consistent baby steps lead to impactful results within a year of regular treatments and following recommendations. Each treatment plan is individualized to the patient’s unique story, needs and desired outcomes. Together the plan comes to fruition. VAIN Medi Spa’s goal is always to enhance your qualities, not change. At VAIN, we strive to preserve your health and beauty, inside and out. It’s simple; when you look good, you feel good.