Are you looking to get your body to the next level? At Vain Medi Spa, our body sculpting experts are trained to do just that! Our experts use PHYSIQ body contouring to help with fat reduction, muscle stimulation, or a combination of both. This next-level technology allows you to achieve your dream appearance with no downtime! Continue reading to learn more about PHYSIQ and the benefits you can gain from it!

What is PHYSIQ?

Physiq body contouring is a next-level treatment that uses STEP technology (sequential thermal & electrical pulse) to provide permanent fat reduction using thermal energy. Through the use of electric pulse simulation, we can stimulate and build your muscle to painlessly remove fat. After targeting your problem areas, you will notice natural-looking results with no downtime.

What Areas can I Target?

The PHYSIQ body contouring treatments are customizable and allow you to target up to four separate areas during a single session. The treatment areas include the abdomen, flanks, buttocks, legs, thighs, and arms. Treatments often last up to 35 minutes; however, smaller areas can require less time.

Treatment Day 

On treatment day, you should expect an enjoyable session. PHYSIQ is a minimally invasive sculpting treatment and has little to no downtime. Throughout your treatment, you will realize how painless it is. Unlike other body sculpting methods, PHYSIQ maintains a consistent therapeutic temperature to achieve extraordinary results. After your 35-minute session and the paddles are removed, the area treated may still feel warm for the following few hours. It is essential to listen to your Vain Medi Spa sculpting specialist when they provide you with the proper post-care instructions

How Many Sessions Until I See Results?

You may wonder how much PHYSIQ costs or how many sessions you’ll need before achieving your desired results. We can achieve your desired results in five sessions at Vain Medi Spa. We space each treatment apart by one to two weeks to allow your body to react to the treatment and burn fat.

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