Wrinkles will always find their way to humans’ faces when they get to a certain age. Due to this, many people began subscribing to preventative Botox to maintain their youthful appearance. Everybody wants to grow old, but no one is ready to accept the aging effect associated with adulthood. This post explains some facts you might want to know before proceeding.

5 Facts About Preventative Botox For Young Adults

Before you book your appointment for the procedure, here are facts about preventative Botox you need to know:

It Produces Fast and Effective Results

Among the different methods available to manage wrinkles on the body, preventative Botox offers swift responses. This is due to the injection’s ability to act on the affected part immediately. The cream application works fine too, but it may take up to 4 weeks before you start seeing results. So, if you take a Botox injection in your 20s, the impact may not be as significant as someone doing that in their 50s. Wrinkles are more visible in older adults than young ones.

Early Application Delays Wrinkle Appearance

You may not notice the immediate effect of Botox injection if you take it at a young age. However, this procedure actually helps you maintain tight body muscles for longer. Skin sagging is the primary cause of wrinkles as humans grow older. Exposure to different environmental factors and climatic conditions aids wrinkles build-up. With the Botox injection, body muscles can withstand these conditions to remain intact.

Affected Areas are Targetable

Wrinkles do not appear the same way for everyone. Because of this, treatment administration depends on the pattern on your face and other body parts. After a dermatologist does a proper examination, they let you know the part that requires Botox injection. That is not the case if you choose to apply cream because you cannot target spots. You can only use it thoroughly.

Reduces Facial Lines

Another usefulness of the preventative Botox injection is minimizing facial lines that usually grow to become visible when smiling. It would be best to begin Botox treatment when you notice these lines on your face. They appear in different parts of the face, which may differ from one individual to another. Facial lines are indicators of sagging skin and relaxed muscles. Before they spread across your face, consult a professional for early treatment.

It can be Effective for up to Six Months

Preventative Botox is not something you do weekly or monthly. Once you receive an injection, it will keep your muscles strong to fight against external factors that cause wrinkles for up to six months. Only then can you consider visiting the dermatologist for another session. Experts advise you to schedule an appointment only when the skin loses its smoothness.

Botox at Vain Medical Spa in Andover, MA

The good thing about preventive Botox is that it is safe. However, everyone reacts differently to treatments. Depending on your body system, you can rest assured of minimal or no side effects. If you’re looking for the best medical spa for a Botox treatment, contact Vain Medi Spa! We have some of the most experienced professionals. Call today to set up your consultation. 978-409-2230