Dermal filler is fast becoming the most utilized treatment in the medical aesthetics field for people that wants to improve their appearance. The gel-like substance, through injection, gets underneath the skin to perform different functions. Your choice of filler is dependent on what you intend to achieve on your skin. Its treatment comes with immediate effect, lasting for long depending on the filler type.

Now let’s see the different ways you can use dermal fillers:

Clear Lines Around Nose and Mouth

When humans reach a certain age, some lines begin to show close to the nose and mouth. It is inevitable, but you can manage it with dermal fillers. Marionette, Nasolabial, and Smile are the name given to these lines. It is common among people with cheerful expressions. If you don’t want the lines to remain on your face, the suitable solution for clearing them is dermal fillers.

Enhance Flat Lips

Everyone is unique, so we see people full lips, while others have flat ones. It causes intimidation for some people. Rather than feel intimidated, dermal fillers can give you that shape you have always dreamt of. Amazingly, it does not require any complex process other than injecting gel into the lips. However, one must be careful to avoid over-plumping, which is a prevalent issue faced by lip fillers.

Reshape the Cheeks

With age, the cheeks lose volume and look flatter than when we wear younger. This is common among fitness enthusiasts and athletes. Fortunately, you can regain that youthful look with dermal filler. It helps people to look young again without going under the knife. Also, it’s relatively cheap as opposed to surgery that will cost you a large amount of money. In addition, it takes a while for patients to recover from surgery, while dermal fillers recovery occurs shortly.

Add Volume to Forehead lines

The suitable filler for filling the forehead lines is hyaluronic acid. It works amazingly to eliminate static lines showing on the forehead. By injecting the hyaluronic acid, the skin will remain hydrated and plump for 12 months. The lidocaine content in the hyaluronic acid reduces possible pains during and after the injection. It is essential to do your due diligence before choosing a provider to add volume to forehead lines.

Lessen Scar Appearance

The uneven texture created by scars in unwanted areas is why people seek facial solutions. It does not matter if the facial scar is not visible; it can make you feel insecure. With dermal fillers, you can reduce how it appears on your face and make the texture looks better. It is an alternative to micro-pigmentation and a surgical method for treating facial imperfection. That shows dermal fillers can help you gain your self-confidence back.

Dermal Fillers in Andover, MA

Dermal Fillers are of different types, and they help enhance the skin, including the hands and feet. If you notice changes in any part of your body that relates to volume loss, Vain Medi Spa can assist you with skill enhancement needs. Give us a call today to schedule an appointment or schedule online! 978-409-2230