Winter days come bundled with warm sweaters and steaming hot cocoa. The icy weather, however, can also leave our skin dry and dull. Harsh elements, like stormy winds, central heating, and dry air, stop our skins from glowing. So, it goes without saying that you have to invest in self-care during winter to fight the elements. Layer up and grab a cup of tea – here are the best aesthetic treatments for the winter.

Microneedling and Laser Resurfacing

Microneedling is a minimally invasive procedure that employs tiny needles to open microchannels in the skin. It gives a higher rejuvenation boost, stimulates collagen, and produces elastin. Ultimately, microneedling leaves you with tighter, smoother skin with reduced fine lines and wrinkles. Additionally, Laser Resurfacing increases your skin’s texture, decreases signs of aging, and gives you a fresh look. It works by removing damaged layers of your skin, bringing out smoother layers with the laser technology. 


A reinvigorating HydraFacial is superb for exfoliating and getting your complexion to be plump and dewy. The intense treatment incorporates hyaluronic acid for more vigorous hydration, which is excellent for fighting against the winter’s dryness.

Lip Fillers and Botox Injections

Get your lips some winter-loving with fillers. They increase the volume, define, and shape your lips. Fillers slightly enhance your lips or give them a full pout, depending on what you want. Winters are known to come with icy temperatures that reduce lip sizes, so getting a lip filler would restore their vibrancy.

Also, botox injections can soften the furrows and crow’s feet on your forehead. Hence, the procedure leaves you with a relaxed, smoother, lifted brow region. As an addition, botox injections prevent the formation of new wrinkles.

Hydration and Nutrition

Always stay hydrated. Take lots of water daily to remove toxins from your insides and maintain your skin’s plumpness and healthiness. During the winter, it is advisable to let go of sugary drinks and embrace herbal beverages instead for warmth. Nutrients like Vitamins C and E and Omega-3 fatty acids help to supplement the skin and tackle the harmful effects of free radicals. If you are looking to boost your hydration, consider IV therapy at VAIN Medi Spa!

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Winter is more than just a holiday season to spend time with your family and loved ones – it is also a time to invest in yourself and rejuvenate. Get affordable aesthetic treatments, and watch your skin glow brighter than the holiday lights. If you wish to get a specific aesthetic treatment or need help choosing one, VAIN Medi Spa’s renowned professionals are more than willing to help. Book your first consultation here to discover which treatment will help you glow throughout the winter months!